Like it or not, Instagram has changed the way we eat. Some restaurants have banned cell phones from the dining room, in hopes that their diners will concentrate more on tasting and enjoying their meals in the company of friends rather than craning over the table – and sometimes even standing on chairs – to get the perfect shot while the dish goes cold. But more and more restaurants have begun encouraging their clientele to photograph their food, understanding that this trend isn’t going away any time soon, and could actually give their business great free marketing.

Food truck owner have been some of the most enthusiastic about social media’s takeover of the foodie world. Though Michelin just awarded a street food vendor one of their coveted stars for the very first time, most vendors and food trucks have to rely on word of mouth rather than write-ups from respected food critics for publicity. Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram have given food trucks a way to share their location, make announcements, and attract new followers by posting share-worthy photos of their drool-worthy dishes. Plus, it’s fun! Customers love to show off a spectacular lunch, and food truck owners can learn what their customers want to see more of by checking in with their social media followers.

As a food truck booking service, we definitely are in favor of any platform that can help our food truck partners get themselves out there. This food deserves shouting from rooftops! This week, we’re showcasing some of our most Instagrammable food trucks – keeping in mind that for some people, taste will always beat out looks.

Frach’s Fried Ice Cream – Los Angeles, CA

Bowl D’Acai – San Francisco, CA

The Coconut Truck – Orange County, CA

That’s What Cheese Said – San Diego, CA

Tastee Bytes – San Jose, CA