Sally wants tacos, Mitch wants sushi and Jan wants to try the new Chinese place down the street. It’s a challenge for even three people to agree on what to order for lunch.

So it’s no wonder that arranging catering to satisfy the whole crowd at a big event is a daunting task. Book food trucks specializing in diverse international cuisines and please everyone at once. Fulfilling Catering represents thousands of diverse food trucks throughout the nation. Here are just a few.

Bollywood Bites
An array of Indian dishes are on the menu of Bollywood Bites, an offshoot of a restaurant in Los Angeles. This LA establishment even has a celebrity connection, since Chef Sanjay Patel was a former personal chef for Michael Jackson. Enjoy all your Indian favorites, including spicy curries, fragrant biryanis and satisfying samosas. Vegetarians and vegans have tasty options too.

This Houston, Texas-based truck promises double the international flare for your catering buck. Its tag line, “Mexican cuisine with Korean in between,” is represented by Korean BBQ burritos stuffed with carnitas-style roasted pork or Korean-marinated ribeye. You can even have crispy fries packed right inside. Creations like kimchi quesadillas and Korean BBQ tacos prove that Korean and Mexican cuisines are a match made in heaven.

An the Go
An unpretentious menu based around signature garlic noodles belies An the Go’s impressive culinary heritage. This food truck is the mobile cousin of Thanh Long, the first Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco and bedrock of a restaurant empire. Satisfy a comfort food craving with a heap of secret recipe noodles, or go for a combo with a skewer of five-spice pork, lemongrass chicken or beef, yuzu shrimp or veggie stir fry.

Caribbean Escape
Caribbean Escape showcases the culinary skills of a family who came to San Diego from the Caribbean. Try empanadas, stuffed with beef, chicken or shrimp, with homemade guava barbecue sauce. Sweet plantains are featured as tostones, twice-fried slices served with aioli, and as the inventive canoa, a fried whole plantain filled with beef, chicken or pulled pork and topped with cheese. It’s a savory banana split! For something light, try the Caribbean shrimp salad with fresh mango.

Barcelona On the Go
Take your crew to Spain with Barcelona On the Go, an Orange County, California, food truck serving traditional Spanish fare with a Latin twist. Dishes such as paella, chorizo grilled cheese and a Spanish sausage sandwich with red pepper relish are made with the freshest seasonal produce. The signature dish is a tempting indulgence — cooked-to-order sirloin steak, served over fries with chimichurri sauce. The Manchego mac and cheese with a hint of chipotle is a vegetarian favorite.