Take A Break From Christmas Cookies!

It’s easy to treat yo’ self on National Cupcake Day with the variety of vendors available to you! On December 15th, we’ll help you celebrate by locating the freshest cupcakes in your area.  Get your sugar fix on!

We’re celebrating the beloved dessert by sharing a few our favorites:

Sprinkles Food Truck LA’s original cupcake bakery, Sprinkles has been a mainstay on our list of favorite cupcakes for years, and they’re celebrating National Cupcake Day this year with a treat that you’ll only find inside their sprinkle-topped cupcakes. We recommend their cinnamon sugar, vanilla and classic red velvet cupcakes (our founder’s favorite). Or, try one of their seasonal flavors — for Christmas they have gingerbread and chocolate peppermint cupcakes to get you in the holiday spirit.

Cupcake and a Smile Known as “the best cupcakes in town” Cupcake and a Smile serves up homemade cupcakes (and smiles) daily in Houston, Texas. With unique flavors like “Pancake and Bacon” and “Cookies and Cream” alongside all of the classics, we can see why this bakery is every Texan’s favorite.

Fairy Cakes Serving up delicious, “fairy-size” cupcakes in the Bay Area, Fairy Cakes is known for their wide selection of flavors. Their menu is so large that it’s organized by “classics”, “good for you”, and “rated r” cupcakes – a range of flavors that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Kara’s Cupcakes This delectable Bay Area bakery has not one but 10 locations and a food truck – giving San Francisco residents no excuse not to celebrate! With the owner being a finalist on the national show “Cupcake Wars,” Kara’s cakes will not disappoint. We recommend the Meyer lemony lemon and sweet s’mores.

What’s your favorite cupcake?
Happy National Cupcake Day!

It’s the Giving Season - Workplace Giving Ideas

It’s the time of year we’re often buying gifts for our family and friends, or thinking about what gifts we might receive, but often forgotten are the 46 million Americans who are food insecure, let alone without gifts and family this holiday season. Here are three helpful tips to encourage giving in the workplace:

Monthly giving People often have money deposited directly into their savings, so why not set aside part of your monthly paycheck for a cause you’re passionate about? Even if it’s $5 per month, that’s $60 a year – enough to feed a hungry family of four for an entire week!  You could also do this in the form of a payroll deduction, where a certain amount is automatically deducted from an employee’s account and donated to a charity of their choosing.

Launch a workplace giving campaign Make it competitive the whole team involved and decide on one nonprofit that everyone wants to raise money for. Use a platform like Crowdrise or GoFundMe to see who can raise the most money; incentivized by fun prizes, it can be a win-win for everyone. 

Matching gifts Employers often match 401k payments and other benefits, so why not match charitable giving? Your company might match your gift, or even double or triple charitable donations. 

No matter how small the gift, it’s sure to make an impact on someone’s life who needs it most. The Feeding America organization says that just $1 can provide up to 11 meals to those in need. This shows that a donation doesn’t need to be thousands of dollars to make a difference. Motivate those within your workplace to do more.

FoodTruckCatering is proud to partner with Mary’s Meals, giving a portion of each customer’s food truck purchase toward feeding those in need. To date, we’ve helped donate over 200,000 meals; we’d would love to hear your giving ideas & work with you on giving back in 2018!

Graduation Party Checklist: You got the tassel, now skip the hassle!

Parents: your grad is on the go. They don’t have time between finals and the final walk to worry about catering for their big send off! You want to look back on this time with fond memories, and not recall the stressful time you had coordinating catering in a college town. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s trendy.  Food Truck Catering will have your grad saying #thankyoumomanddad.

Grads: Don’t know where to begin? Follow our food truck cheat sheet (your taste buds will be glad you did).


Cousins Maine Lobster (San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas): All those years hitting the books deserves a special reward. Their mouthwatering Maine Lobster Roll, served on a fresh New England roll, will be the highlight of the night. Have you seen pictures of their lobster tacos or lobster quesadillas?! So good, you’ll wish you can have a graduation party every day!


Border Grill Food Truck (Los Angeles): Choosing a major? That was easy. Choosing whether to get carnitas, chicken, steak, Baja fish, or sweet potato black bean is the hard part.  With this many options, this L.A. staple will even bring certain collegial cross-town rivals together.  Still trying to lose the freshman-15? They also serve up a killer salad bowl, not to mention they have several gluten-free and organic options.


BBQ Kalbi (San Jose): Enroll in Foodie 101 with this Korean BBQ and Mexican fusion food truck! This adventure for your mouth will have your guests saying, “Wow! What is that?!" Spicy Korean BBQ Chicken Tacos? Check! Kimchi Quesadilla? Check! Daejee nachos? Check! Follow these party pointers, and you’ll ace the night!


POP QUIZ: Can you name the best catering choice for your graduation party? Food Truck Catering is correct! Book your food truck today!

Tequila and Tacos and Tapas, Oh My!

Happy Cinco de Mayo America! It’s time to party...preferably with tequila and tacos. Food Truck Catering can’t give you the tequila (unless you want to invite us to your party); however, we can provide the tacos. Tacos and much, much more.

Cinco de Mayo is meant to be a good time with good people and good food. Stuck on celebration or party ideas? Cater some Mexican food to wherever you want and satiate your tastebuds. There’s A LOT of food trucks roaming the streets these days, so let Food Truck Catering give you a couple suggestions:  

Pinch of Flavor (LA)

Located in the city of angels and good mexican cuisine, Pinch of Flavor, literally, has the best fries in the whole city! Smothered in monterey jack cheese with carne asada for days, their fries will blow your mind and, also, maybe (probably) put you in a food coma. So let’s just say plan to eat those bad boys when you’re staying put; or better yet, when you’ve had a few shots of tequila and are craving something greasy and filled with goodness. They also serve a killer taco trio and an amazing fish n’ chips. Even fish-haters are fighting for a taste of those!

Fiesta Gourmet (OC)

Not far from the border, Orange County’s Fiesta Gourmet food truck is another big winner for Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Again, (and as it should be) their tacos steal the show -- a definite must try; but not far from the star of the show are rice bowls, nachos, quesadillas, and, oh yeah, some loaded fries. Don’t stop at their food, they’ve got horchata so good you’ll be saying ¡Delicioso! They’ve got flavor bombs for days and are ready to conquer your hunger and give you one hell of a time!

This Cinco de Mayo book Food Truck Catering to handle all the heavy lifting -- all you have to do is choose the truck and enjoy! Still have questions? Email us at events@foodtruckcatering.com or call (323) 609-8217 and speak with a food-truckie specialist today!

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day with Food Truck Catering!

Administrative Professionals Day is right around the corner folks. This coming Wednesday, April 26! Don’t stress if you didn’t know -- Food Truck Catering has all your needs covered. Give back to the admins in your office. Say thank you to them for making your work lives a little easier. The best way to do that? Cater a couple of great food trucks for them to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or food all day long!

A couple of picks from our professional gurus are:

Ed’s Big Buzzard Kitchen -- Known for serving the best brisket outside of Austin, it’s probably a pretty good idea to give it a taste. It’s BBQ food, so it sounds like just the thing to bring the office together. Great food can solve any problem and might just inspire the solution you’ve been looking for the whole time! Come on, give Ed’s BBQ a try and book his truck for Wednesday.

Oaxacan Mobile Kitchen -- Now listen: “Oaxacan Mobile Kitchen has the darkest, most rich, flavorful mole I've had stateside,” said our professional food truck guru. That’s saying something. It’s a must try. And if you’re going to try it, why not give the whole office a little taste of south of the border? Spice things up for the day!

Don’t believe us just yet? Book them through Food Truck Catering today. And you should, because the administrative teams in your office deserve a little something on Wednesday!


Side note: Food Truck Catering has hundreds of trucks in multiple cities across the country. Find the perfect fit for your business and celebrate! Remember, Administrative Professional Day is Wednesday, April 26, so hurry up now!

The Founder’s Favorite March Food Trucks

Buckle up and get ready to salivate, because this week Food Truck Catering is breaking down the Founder’s Favorite Food Trucks for March.

Salt+Lime, based in San Diego, is a truck serving up absolutely delicious and authentic Mexican food dishes. They serve everything you’d hope a Mexican food truck would...and then some. They’ve got tacos, tostadas, burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches and sides (including french fries, well, because, french fries). Their chef, Julio Rodriguez, is known for creating unique sauces that will transform your culinary expectations of Mexican cuisine for good. Come and enjoy something from Salt+Lime today!

Peaches’ Smokehouse, a Los Angeles based food truck, is serving up some seriously good Southern food. Peaches’ specializes in slow-smoked BBQ and classic southern dishes. They take pride in making delicious food and serve dishes made entirely from scratch, using only the freshest market ingredients and humanely raised meat. Some of their mouth-watering sandwich options include: the classic pulled pork sandwich; a smoked chicken sandwich; the country-fried steak sandwich; and a fried chicken sandwich. They also serve burgers, classic Southern BBQ sides, and even vegetarian options (upon request). And let’s not leave out the BBQ fries, “aka Redneck Nachos,” which are criss-cut fries, pulled pork, BBQ sauce and seasoned sour cream. You absolutely need to carve out some time to stop by Peaches’ Smokehouse to have yourself a Southern-based, tastebud extravaganza.

Wokker Tx Ranger is all about creating something new, creative and absolutely delicious. Based in Houston, Wokker Tx Ranger offers its city a new way to experience Texas BBQ. They take good ‘ol Texan BBQ and infuse it with traditional Asian cooking tastes and techniques. They would be the perfect addition to a birthday party, office gathering, a housewarming...you name it. Book them today through Food Truck Catering!

So, there you have it foodies, the founder’s favorite March trucks. Out of all the hundreds of trucks Food Truck Catering has available for booking these are the top three. Book one of them today, or visit their website to see when and where their truck will pop up next.

National Nutrition Month 2017: “Put Your Best Fork Forward”

Fact: Nutrition encompasses healthy eating practices and important physical activity needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The theme, as picked by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, utilizes this idea via their play on words: “Put Your Best Fork Forward.” They took the time-old saying, “put your best foot forward,” and substituted “foot” with “fork” to say two things at once.

One: it is telling you to start, literally, putting your fork into something healthier than a cheeseburger and fries (although it is delicious).

Two: it is reminding you that nutrition is complemented best with physical movement. So, move those twinkly toes of yours to go find that healthy option you can dig your fork into without any sense of guilt.

Remember that cheeseburger that was mentioned, why not make it a killer Portobello burger on a multigrain bun with tons of veggies and some sweet potato fries? Same idea, but a healthier version – and still delicious. Don’t like mushrooms? Make it a veggie patty or ahi tuna burger. You have plenty of healthy options to make your nutrition choices from. Ones that you will enjoy eating.

So, now what? You’ve tried putting your best fork forward, but dang, does it cost a pretty penny to eat healthy sometimes! What can you do about improving your nutrition without breaking your bank account? Two words: Food Trucks.

Food trucks offer a wide variety of healthy options, but AmazeBowls is one of Food Truck Catering’s favorite healthy option trucks. It’s based in LA and offers amazing superfoods made into something delicious and familiar using non-dairy, raw ingredients. You can also check out Farmer’s Belly, also in LA, to explore another deliciously healthy option food truck.

Food trucks offer healthy food options, at an affordable price and gives you the awesome opportunity to take an adventure on foot to your desired truck(s) for some exercise. Now, that’s a triple threat.

Our Favorite LA-Based Food Trucks

Hey, Los Angeles. We all know that you’re spoiled silly with good weather, good looks, and good times, but here are some food trucks that originated outside LA’s beautiful city limits. Sometimes the California cuisine of green juice and salads just doesn’t cut it. So, if you’re looking for a little something more in the way of good grub in LA, here are our top recommendations.

Wings N' Waffles — This southern food truck is serving up some major comfort food, like homestyle chicken and waffles and made-to-order wings. Their food is seasoned to perfection with their chef’s signature (and very secret) rub, and cooked to perfection, too. Their waffles are made to your preference—crunchy, soft, crispy, or burnt—you have dealer’s choice! You can go à la carte and get just one one thing (if that’s even possible), or treat yourself to their array of menu options like a grilled chicken and waffle sandwich or the classic, good ol’ wings n’ waffles combo. Top off your meal with some mac-n-cheese, green beans or rice and gravy (if you can handle it). Thinking about throwing a brunch with friends? Do it. Better yet, let Wings N’ Waffles do it for you. Come hungry and ready for the best food-hug of your life, LA.

Burnt to a Crisp—Burnt to a Crisp has graced the city of angels with some authentic Texas BBQ. Hallelujah! Thank goodness the owners expanded their Texas-based truck to Los Angeles, bringing a little taste of home with them. They offer all of the BBQ classics you love like brisket, pulled pork, sausage, chili, Texas-style fries, baked beans and tartar salad. Is it just us, or does your mouth water when you hear pulled pork and Texas-style fries, too? Book them today for that backyard BBQ you’ve been thinking about having. No set up and no clean up. Well, aside from your face.

Cousins Maine Lobster — These cousins grew up among the midst of fresh seafood, boiling pots, sea salt in the air, and too many people sitting around a picnic table laughing and eating good east coast grub. Now they are serving up their childhood traditions on the Los Angeles food scene. Their trucks are giving Los Angeles a total Maine Vacation. Offering a variety of lobster rolls, tacos, tails and tots, and delicious clam and (drum roll, please) lobster chowders. Cousin’s Maine Lobster Food Truck brings the east coast all the way over to the west coast, plus a little bit of butter.

Visit Food Truck Catering to see exactly where these trucks will be stationed throughout the city and get your Texas-style BBQ, east coast lobster, or southern comfort fix. Or, you can reserve any of these trucks to cater a special event (okay, any event, really). And don’t forget, our services are  available in multiple cities across the country with an array of delicious trucks to choose from. Check us out today!

It’s Time for a Sugar High—Dessert Trucks for Valentine’s Day

It’s February, and you know what that means—there are sweets, treats, and hearts everywhere. So get out there and treat yourself (or your sweetheart)! Whether it’s a romantic date night or a fun night for the whole family or a catered lunch at the office,  these three dessert trucks have got you covered.

B Sweet — B Sweet is famous for their delicious hot bread pudding; with the added bonus of 40+ flavors. They also offer authentic Filipino desserts, too! Yum! The truck’s founder, Chef Barb, is Filipino, so you know they’re good. Their baked goods are made daily,  and there are new treats added to the menu each week—fun! They’re open late (for those late-night dessert runs) and they serve coffee. Post-dinner espresso, anyone? Looking for a good date-night idea? You just found one.

King Kone —  Do you have a sweet tooth that you just can’t kick? Craving something that tastes like childhood? King Kone has got you covered.They offer all of the classics—banana splits, root beer floats, milkshakes, and good, old-fashioned waffle cones. Our childhood dreams have come true. King Kone is the ultimate old school ice cream experience. If ever there was a time to scream for ice cream, it’d be now.

Hannah’s Bananas — Wait, bananas for my sweet tooth? Oh, the places your taste buds will go with Hannah’s Bananas, which offers gourmet chocolate dipped bananas with a variety of scrumptious toppings. Rainbow sprinkles, anyone? This truck is the perfect sweet treat for the whole family—and the kids won’t even know they’re eating fruit. There’s also a wide variety of catering options as well as pre-packaged items for order. They also offer custom cakes—the pictures alone will make you hungry. Warning: consuming Hannah’s Bananas might forever stop you from eating regular bananas—these just can’t be beat.


Give into the season of sweets and treat yourself. Whether it be an old-school dessert from King Kone or a bread pudding date at B sweet, enjoy!

Warm Up For Winter—The Ultimate Cold-Weather Meals

We’re in the middle of winter and all we’re craving is comfort foods. Bundle up and enjoy some of our favorite trucks that offer the classics—from grilled cheese to hot curry.

Grilled Cheese Truck
The ultimate comfort food, the Grilled Cheese Truck serves up gooey, butter deliciousness—like their Cheesy Mac and Rib Melt to LA locals. Pay homage to your younger years and order melt your heart with cheesy goodness. Sandwiches like their Double Cream Brie and Sun-Dried Tomato Goat Cheese are made with local produce, high-quality ingredients, and, of course, love.

American Poutine
A truck dedicated to hand cut French fries? Count us in! American Poutine serves fries to Arizona locals and prides themselves on using locally-sourced cheeses and fresh ingredients. We don’t know about you, but gravy-topped fries sound like the ideal comfort food. Offering a variety of toppings like bacon, pulled pork, and sour cream, everyone’s sure to be satisfied.

Curry Up Now
Got Curry, San Jose? This truck is offering up some of the tastiest, heart-warming curry in the Bay Area. With unique dishes like Tikka Masala Burrito, Curry Up Now dubs their menu as "Indian Street Food" we love the concept. Spice up your meals (and warm up in the cold weather!) with their inventive combinations.