Healthy Food Trucks To Try in the New Year

With healthy food trucks popping up all over the country there’s no excuse to not eat a nourishing, balanced meal - even when you’re busy or on the go. Serving up good-for-you dishes with locally sourced ingredients, these three trucks are our top picks for a healthier 2017.

Ripe Cuisine

This seasonally inspired food truck is serving up organic, 100% plant-based meals with locally grown ingredients. The only all-vegan food truck in Houston offers a little bit of everything, like salads, burgers, and every Texan’s favorite, tex-mex. With the head chef being a registered dietician, you’re sure to find a good-for-you meal at Ripe Cuisine. We recommend the Caprese Melt made with cashew “mozzarella” -- we didn’t miss the real thing one bit.

Bowl’d Acai

What better way to get in a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals than in an acai bowl? Bowl’d Acai in the Bay Area serves up organic, antioxidant-rich acai, and paired with Bowl’d locally sourced mix-ins and toppings like banana, blueberries, spinach, and coconut, this is a treat that you can feel great about eating. In addition to acai bowls, they also serve up made-to-order raw juices and fresh smoothies. When we’re in need of greens we order the Green Goliath bowl, but you can’t go wrong with the Original Gangster.

Alegria Gourmet

Alegria Gourmet prides themselves in offering healthy, organic eats from local vendors. You won’t find antibiotics, preservatives, pesticides or hormones and in any of their offerings. Inspired by Mexican and American cuisine, this LA truck is sure to satisfy any eater. Our pick? The grass-fed beef burger and Alegria cobb.

It's That Time of Year - Be A Part of #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is a social movement that was created to support and celebrate social impact organizations. Founded by the United Nations Foundation and 92nd Street Y, #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving and an opportunity to partner with thousands of nonprofit organizations to make a difference. Fueled by social media, #GivingTuesday has grown exponentially since it’s inception in 2012. The campaign raises millions of dollars in one day by way of encouraging and instructing organizations to create inspiring fundraising campaigns around the movement. Garnering results we wish we could emulate, here’s what the #GivingTuesday campaign accomplished last year alone:

  • Garnered support from 700,000 people
  • Raised $116,000,000 online
  • Involved 70 countries

We encourage you to take part in #GivingTuesday, whether it be giving your time, money, a gift or advocating for the movement in your community – see this day as an opportunity to give back and participate in a powerful, global event. To date, over 40,000 organizations in 71 countries have joined forces to give back, and it’s continuing to grow.

Here’s how you can be a part of the movement:

  • Connect with an organization in your community to volunteer Help organizations execute successful #GivingTuesday campaigns by participating in local events, and have some fun, too.
  • Donate to an organization Find the list of participating nonprofits here, and contribute to the goal of surpassing the amount raised last year!
  • Spread the word At its core, #GivingTuesday is a social campaign, existing on and supported by social media. Share the #GivingTuesday message within your network and get your friends and family involved in the movement.

Your fundraising and volunteering efforts shouldn’t end when #GivingTuesday is over, though. Showing support for a cause you’re passionate about and giving back to those in need is something you can be a part of year round. Keep Fulfilling in mind for the other 364 days of the year to continue giving back to those in need so that both your heart and stomach stay full.

Eating First With Our Eyes: Fulfilling's Most Instagram Worthy Food Trucks

Like it or not, Instagram has changed the way we eat. Some restaurants have banned cell phones from the dining room, in hopes that their diners will concentrate more on tasting and enjoying their meals in the company of friends rather than craning over the table - and sometimes even standing on chairs - to get the perfect shot while the dish goes cold. But more and more restaurants have begun encouraging their clientele to photograph their food, understanding that this trend isn’t going away any time soon, and could actually give their business great free marketing.

Food truck owner have been some of the most enthusiastic about social media’s takeover of the foodie world. Though Michelin just awarded a street food vendor one of their coveted stars for the very first time, most vendors and food trucks have to rely on word of mouth rather than write-ups from respected food critics for publicity. Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram have given food trucks a way to share their location, make announcements, and attract new followers by posting share-worthy photos of their drool-worthy dishes. Plus, it’s fun! Customers love to show off a spectacular lunch, and food truck owners can learn what their customers want to see more of by checking in with their social media followers.

As a food truck booking service, we definitely are in favor of any platform that can help our food truck partners get themselves out there. This food deserves shouting from rooftops! This week, we’re showcasing some of our most Instagrammable food trucks - keeping in mind that for some people, taste will always beat out looks.

Frach’s Fried Ice Cream - Los Angeles, CA

Bowl D’Acai - San Francisco, CA

The Coconut Truck - Orange County, CA

That’s What Cheese Said - San Diego, CA

Tastee Bytes - San Jose, CA

Host the Perfect Employee Picnic with Food Trucks

No matter how much you love your job, watching a beautiful sunny day go by while trapped inside at a cubicle is a drag. Two things that most employees find lacking in their workday are a little outdoor time and more opportunities to get to know their co-workers. Combine the two and host a company picnic! There’s nothing that brings people together like food, and a picnic can be thrown together with far less effort than you might imagine.

This week’s blog will get you well on your way to planning the perfect employee picnic. Remember: the goal is to have a relaxed party outside where people can take their minds off work and bond over a delicious meal and a lawn game or two. Keep it simple, and leave the cooking to someone else. The host and their guests should be chowing down and enjoying themselves, not rushing back and forth from the car trying to get their pre-cooked dishes down for a large hungry crowd before they go cold.

Step One: Find Your Zone
Where is this picnic going to take place? If employees’ kids’ are going to be in attendance, make sure there’s a safe play zone away from the street, where play can be easily monitored by parents. If you’re going to set up some lawn games, seek out a large, flat area of grass. If it’s going to be blisteringly hot, consider throwing the picnic near a body of water so guests can take a dip.

Step Two: Choose A Food Truck
When a good food truck rolls in, you’ve got an instant party. The food truck frenzy has swept the nation, and people have come to have pretty high expectations for the dishes that come out fresh from the kitchen of a colorful food truck. Beyond being generally festive, food trucks are far more affordable than traditional catering services, and it goes without saying that they’re less of a headache than trying to self-cater. Most trucks will strike a deal with a party host for a big crowd, and the food is usually pretty cheap to begin with. The only issue here is trying to decide between all of the unique, delicious trucks that cruise your city.

Step Three: Games!
Games are second only to food when it comes to getting people together. Most of the funniest picnic lawn games require little, if any equipment: sack races, 3-legged races and wheelbarrow races can all be done on a dime, and usually involve a lot of hilarious tumbles worthy of sharing on social media. To step it up a notch, take a little more time to plan (or crowdsource among your employees) a more involved activity like a scavenger hunt, capture-the-flag, or an obstacle course.

And that’s it! To make the event as inclusive as possible, invite your employees to contribute in the planning process by sending out surveys asking what kind of food truck they’d like, or inviting willing volunteers to help organize everything. Have fun, and take note of how refreshed and engaged your team looks the next day.... maybe you should be doing this more often!

A Well-Fed Team Is A Happy Team: Tips For Community Building and Employee Engagment

Tech giants like Google and Facebook have proven somewhat conclusively that offering their employees comfortable communal spaces, delicious and healthy food, and opportunities to engage with each other socially can work wonders for company creativity and productive output. Reports from these companies citing overall improvements in employee well-being, happiness and collaboration is encouraging other businesses to follow suit and find ways to improve their work environment. This week on our blog, we’ve compiled the best advice we’ve received on bringing a little magic to the workplace.

  1. Listen up! The one thing all good managers have in common is that they listen closely to their teams - and the most commonly heard complaint about bad managers is that they fail to do so. Soliciting feedback and suggestions is a great way to encourage your employees to explore their strengths and feel like they’re contributing something valuable to the company. In many companies, weekly “office hours” with the manager or online forums serve as effective spaces where employees can make their voice heard. Beyond being a good business practice, active listening helps managers learn what changes they could make to build a happier workforce. Ask employees what would improve their job - but also remember to ask them if they have any fun ideas for the office!
  1. Bond over a good meal. Since the dawn of time, humans have gotten together around the table to share food, laugh, and explore ideas. Sharing a meal with co-workers is an amazing way to bond as a team and talk through new concepts, but getting the whole team to a restaurant can be a complicated and expensive endeavor. A far easier, cheaper, and more fun approach is to book a food truck and get the gang outside for a lunch al fresco.
  1. Credit where credit is due. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Rewarding employees for a job well done is a small gesture that can make an enormous difference in company morale. Allow your top-performing employee to pick the food truck for this week’s team lunch, or give them a voucher for a free meal! Launching a casual competition is a fun way to get employees to interact with each other, and social media can easily be integrated for a more interactive experience. Reward the employee with the best Instagram photo of workplace life, or tie the contest in with your food truck lunch and buy lunch for whoever nabs the most tantalizing photo of their plate.

Remember above all that work and fun should stay balanced. Keep it light! Your employees will show their thanks.

What is Hunger Action Month and how can you help?

The Feeding America organization has proclaimed this month as “Hunger Action Month;” a month to focus on giving back and relieving those who are food insecure. This month’s campaign is centered around raising awareness and making a direct effort.

What can you do to help during Hunger Action Month?

Be Social - Too often, people are shocked to discover that 1 in 7 Americans are food insecure. To help raise awareness, Feeding America is asking for people to write on a plate what they can’t do when they’re hungry, then to take a selfie with it and post it to all social media channels. Tell your network what you can’t do on an empty stomach by posting on social media using the hashtag #HungerActionMonth and tagging @FeedingAmerica.

Volunteer at a Local Food Bank - Community food banks are always in need of volunteers to pack, ship and serve food to the local area. The Feeding America has a food bank locator which you can use to search for your local food bank by zip code and find the contact information to sign up as a volunteer.

Involve Your Network - Get your friends together and make doing good a social event. Cook your favorite meal, or bake your favorite treat and donate your baked goods to local nonprofits that help those in your community who are food insecure or donate to your local food drive. Enjoy the time with your friends while giving back to a good cause.

Feel Fulfilled - Have Fulfilling cater your event! If you are throwing a party or an event, whether it is for friends or for business, Fulfilling can coordinate the food truck(s) and a percentage of the sales will automatically be donated to helping those who are food insecure. No additional costs or coordination is needed. You’ll blend eating well and doing good with Fulfilling.

Helping those who are food insecure doesn't just end when September is over though. All of these can be done any time throughout the year to make a difference.

Join the Movement to Help End Food Insecurity

Imagine waking up in the morning for work, hopping into your car and seeing your gas tank light turn on. You need to put gas in your car, but you only have $30 left in your bank account. You need to eat, too, but you have to decide whether food or gas is more important for the next few days.

Surprisingly enough, this is a relatable feeling for millions of Americans. The Feeding America reports that 48 million Americans, 15 million of which are children, are food insecure. This staggering reality means that 1 in 7 Americans do not have sufficient access to quality, affordable food.

Organizations like FEED make it their mission to alleviate world hunger – donating a percentage of profits from bags sold to enrich and nourish the lives of millions. On a global scale, 805 million people are affected by hunger. There is a strong culture of giving present to alleviate those vulnerable to food insecurity and we are proud to be a part of the solution.

At Fulfilling, we take a practical, seamless approach to tackling food insecurity. Helping those who are food insecure blends seamlessly with something that you already do multiple times a day: eat. We have partnered with hundreds of food trucks across the country to offer a way to give back.

Instead of contacting a food truck directly to rent for an event, book through us and we will coordinate the food and automatically donate a percentage of the sales to those lacking proper resources to provide for themselves and their families. After your event, we will let you know exactly how much was donated. Doing good has never tasted so delicious.

Since our inception, Fulfilling has provided over 100,000 meals to those in need. Our founder Greg is proud and humbled by the giving community Fulfilling has created:

I created Fulfilling to impact more than myself – I wanted Fulfilling to be an instigator of change. True selflessness stems from a spirit of humility, and I’m truly humbled by the positive changes we’ve made and the lives that we have touched. Fulfilling is not for myself and my own fulfillment, but for the fruits that the beneficiary enjoys.

We have a direct impact on improving the lives of those suffering and we want to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

Host your own First Friday Food Truck Fair

Staying late at the office on a Friday evening is a dreaded prospect - unless, of course, it’s for a party! Give your employees and their families a chance to relax and socialize outside of working hours by throwing your very own ‘First Friday’ event once a month in the style of the Abbot Kinney First Fridays at Venice Beach. Every first

Every first Friday of the month, food trucks flock to the shore where people can stroll around sampling the offerings from a diverse array of delicious food trucks and enjoy live music, group activities or games. If you’re trying to plan a fun event that could bring together a big group of people on a monthly basis, a First Friday Food Truck Fair may be the perfect option. Here’s how to pull it off.

Make it a regular event! Giving your employees something fun to look forward to every month is a tried-and-true way to boost company morale and collaboration between employees. Sure, your team might be getting to know each other a bit over water cooler exchanges and lunch breaks, but hosting a social event outside of work hours gives co-workers the opportunity to truly relax and become better friends. Holding a food truck fair once a month also gives companies the chance to develop relationships with their favorite food trucks, or sample some new truck’s offerings each month.

Be family-friendly. At the end of a workday, and particularly at the end of a work week, most people just want to get home to their families. Make it an inclusive event that your employees can bring their families or friends to, and you’ll get a much larger showing! Including employees’ families shows them you understand the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, and also gives co-workers the chance to get to know each other’s favorite people over a delicious meal.

Plan, plan, plan. There’s no such thing as over-attention when it comes to pulling off an event with a lot of moving pieces (literally!). Stay in close communication with all of the food trucks you’re planning to book leading up to the event, and make sure that everything is in place (seating, electricity hook-ups, etc) so the food can really shine. If you’re welcoming kids to the event, consider booking a clown, balloon animal artist, or exotic animal handler to give the kiddos something to do other than watch their parents chow down!

Beyond this, your First Friday food truck fair is your own creation. Depending on where you’re based, the type of space you choose for the fair and the bonus activities or events you add to the mix will vary wildly - and that’s a beautiful thing! Check out other food truck fairs for inspiration - but take the creative liberty to invent your own recipe - as long as yummy food is included, it’s sure to be a blast.

Aug. 24 is National Waffle Day! Celebrate with a waffle truck

Belgian waffles - a staple treat found in the hands of many on-the-go city dwellers - touched down in the New York food scene at the 1964 World Fair. They were a huge hit, and their popularity has only grown over the last 50 years. Thanks to the explosion of the food truck scene, quality, crispy waffles are easier to come by than ever.

To help you celebrate National Waffle Day on Aug. 24 (sorry, we don’t get work off for this...yet), we’ve compiled a list of our favorite waffle trucks in every major city we serve. For those of you with a major craving - you might be in for a cross-country road trip! Book now to reserve some waffley goodness!

Orange County - Waffle-icious
Authentic Liege waffles made from scratch using premium ingredients and traditional waffle irons. Sweet and savory options available, as well as creative, pressed sandwiches. Imported Belgian Pearl sugar and cult favorite Speculoos also available for retail!

Atlanta - Nana G’s Chicken and Waffles
Nana G just celebrated her 102nd birthday, and her legendary 48-hour fried chicken and waffles recipe is being carefully guarded and celebrated in her grandson’s food truck. The crowd favorite here is the ‘Papa G’, a Maplewood smoked bacon-infused Belgian waffle with two seasoned fried chicken strips, warm maple syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar.

Los Angeles - Wings N’ Waffles
The team behind Wings N’ Waffles, on a lifelong search for the best chicken and waffles in the city, decided finally to create their own recipe and have worked hard to develop the ‘perfect’ seasoning and cooking style. Whether or not you agree, their secret recipe is a must-try.

Houston - The Waffle Bus
Featured on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel’s Eat Street, and named Favorite Food Truck in Houston, The Waffle Bus’ chicken and waffles, waffle burgers, and sweet waffley treats definitely have some serious street cred.

Denver - Waffle Cakes
After micro-roasting their own coffee for over ten years, Waffle Cakes teamed up with Coda Coffee of Denver - named Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine in 2014 - to deliver some of the finest coffee and espressos in the city. The coffee is the perfect accompaniment to Waffle Cakes’ decadent creations, which feature small mountains of fruit, spreads, drizzles and whipped cream atop their flaky, traditionally-pressed Belgian waffles.

San Francisco - The Waffle Roost
Classic, boneless buttermilk fried chicken served on top of a perfect Belgian waffle - what more could you ask for? Well, at The Waffle Roost, you can also request crispy melted cheddar, serrano peppers, bacon, eggs, honey, powdered caramel, freshly ground pink Himalayan salt, dark chocolate chips, or toasted almonds. Still hungry? Try their aged cheddar mac-and-cheese, collard greens, or sweet potato fries!

Philadelphia - Foolish Waffles
This lady-owned and operated waffle truck (voted best in the city) frequently changes their menu based on the availability of local, seasonal ingredients. On offer, alongside the more traditional plates, are interesting waffle creations such as the Bahn Mi waffle (featured by Best of Philly), a breakfast waffle sandwich, and a roasted veggie scramble. Customers have a choice between the traditional Brussels-style waffle, which is light and crisp, or the buttery and sweeter Liege-style waffle.

Still waffling over whether to waffle? If your mouth isn’t watering, we’re sorry, but we just can’t relate. Happy Waffle Day!

Fast Food Redux: Food Trucks Offer Healthy Food on the Go

Whether you’re scrambling to finish a few errands during your lunch break or exploring a new city with the kids, the hunt for fast but healthy food can be a headache. Until recently, our options were limited to ordering to-go from an expensive restaurant menu or biting the bullet and heading to an unhealthy fast food chain.

Luckily for everyone, a new alternative is now roaming the streets of every major city in the country: the food truck. Walk to any popular community space at lunchtime and you’re guaranteed to see a long line of food trucks, each offering a fresh and creative specialty. Here’s how food trucks can help you stay healthy and under budget, making your day a little brighter.

Get moving! Food truck owners like to spice it up too, and will often change locations in order to explore new markets or simply have a change in scenery. Follow your favorite food trucks on social media for live updates on their locations, or just sample whatever new offerings roll through at your favorite lunching spot! Going for lunch at a food truck gets you on your feet, adding the health benefits of a nice stroll pre- and post-lunch to your meal.

Stay fresh. The vast majority of food truck owners could be given the title of “foodie”: these are people who have a real passion for cooking, and created their food truck to be able to offer a signature specialty to their city. On the whole, this translates to a commitment to offering a quality product created with fresh, simple ingredients. Food trucks have a limited capacity for storage and refrigeration, so most chefs will visit their vendors each day to procure their ingredients for the day. The meals are generally cooked directly to order, meaning you will be served a super fresh dish that never sat under a heating lamp or was microwaved before being plated.

Save up! Food trucks cater to the masses, so they generally look to set a price point that everyone can afford – we’re talking lunch with a drink for under $10, and often far less. One of the main obstacles to healthy eating is the relatively prohibitive costs of organic produce and meals at health-food restaurants. Visiting a food truck for lunch is an easy way to get a meal quickly without sacrificing nutrients and healthy ingredients that will power you up instead of making you crash later.

It must be said – not all food trucks can be counted on to deliver a truly healthy plate of food. Sure, they may use organic, local ingredients, but a hamburger wrapped in bacon and tucked inside a grilled cheese remains a total gut bomb. If you’re on a health kick, make sure to look for food trucks that offer light, fresh dishes like smoothies, salads, Mediterranean fare, Asian food, and the like. Happy, healthy eating!