Book a Food Truck & Bond with Co-workers

There’s nothing like a food truck for bringing people together. A brightly colored mini-restaurant serving up specialty foods you can enjoy outside? Yes please!

Food trucks, once patroned mostly by young, adventurous foodies, are now a mainstay on the streets and at events in cities around the country. The affordable, delicious and diverse food served up out of food trucks is a great relief from chain restaurant lunches and deli sandwiches.

Whether your team needs little boost in the camaraderie department or you just want to reward them for being great collaborators, a food truck is a great way to kick off a team bonding day. Here’s some ideas for great icebreakers and team-building games to accompany your picnic lunch!

1. Run a photo contest. Have a food photography competition among your team members. Thanks to smartphones, we’re all suddenly professional food photographers – give the people a chance to show off their talent! Bonus tip: upload the photos to Instagram and tag your food truck to show them some love – you might even get a little extra something in thanks for the free publicity!

2. Host a food drive. Teams who do good together stay together. On your team bonding day, consider holding a food drive. Ask people to bring non-perishable items that you can donate together to a local food bank. It feels good to help out in your community, and your own lunches will taste that much better.

3. Challenge everyone to a blind tasting competition. Got some foodies in the group who think rather highly of their palettes? Challenge everyone to a blind taste test, where they get blindfolded and have to guess the ingredients in the food trucks’ signature dish!

4. Plant a community garden. If you’ve got the space and the time, take the afternoon to prepare a small community garden. Growing your own food is super satisfying, and it’s a great way to get people to engage with each other, problem-solve, and socialize regularly.

5. Have an outdoor yoga class. Feeling a bit full after your beautiful food truck picnic? Get an experienced yogi to lead an outdoor yoga class for your team. Doing physical activity as a group is a fun, and sometimes very funny way to build a strong sense of friendship within a team!

Got any ideas for bonding exercises? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Street Eats - Say Fish Taco in Los Angeles

After working long hours in restaurant kitchens for the better part of a decade, Chef Mark Alberto packed up his knife roll and headed south for the more relaxed pace of the surfing village of Sayulita, a bit north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In 2001 he opened up shop, serving lovingly crafted fish tacos out of a simple four-stool food stand right across from the beach. His tacos were a slam dunk with everyone who lived or was passing through the town. By the time Lonely Planet got word of the tacos (they would pronounce them “the tastiest fish tacos in Mexico”) Sayulita Fish Taco was already an institution.


In 2015, Mark decided to bring his handcrafted tacos to L.A., hoping to bring more authentic Mexican cuisine to the city. A good friend painted up a food truck with a slightly terrifying long-toothed fish on the front and a mural of Mark Surfing along the side. The artwork is a huge draw even before customers get  whiff of the aromas wafting off the grill.

Say Fish Tacos tops handmade corn tortillas with creative toppings that still manage to stay true to the classics. The fish in their famous fish taco gets a garlic beer batter, and is topped with a secret jocoque crema creation. The rice bowls have cauliflower rice, which is surprisingly hearty and satisfying while also being a much healthier alternative to white rice. The carnitas are injected with tequila (another of Mark’s areas of expertise), crusted with spices and left to marinade overnight before being slow cooked for hours to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. The carnitas are served with a refreshing apple and poppy seed slaw, giving a nice pork-and-apples feeling. All of Mark’s ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible.

If you’re ever down in Sayulita, you can still visit the original taco stand and then come back for happy hour at the adjoining SFT Tequila Bar, which boasts over 250 types of tequila and was named one of the best 100 bars in the world by Bars of the World. The tequila bar and restaurant have been a huge success, but for now Mark is still happy to have gone mobile. “The best part of my job is getting to see different parts of the city and meet all my customers,” he told us.


Say Fish posts up at festivals, concerts, art fairs and events around the city when they’re not roaming around looking for the perfect new lunchtime location. The tacos have been a huge hit around the city, and there’s plans in the works to take the truck on the road in the coming months to Chicago and possibly New York.

When asked about the secret to his success, Mark gave a word of advice to anyone who owns a food truck or has dreams of one. “You’ve got to have a story,” he insists. “Do what you love. If your food comes from a personal passion, people will recognize that and appreciate it.” His philosophy definitely shines through in his own menu, which can just about transport you south of the border to a warm beach, watching the surfers roll in.

Want to book Say Fish Taco at your next event? Click here to get started!

Why book one truck when you can book two!

Why book one truck when you can book two – Healthy: Organic truck + juice truck; Brunch: waffle truck + coffee; Sweet Treats: shaved ice truck + ice cream truck

One of the best things about food trucks is that you’re pretty much guaranteed a good nosh. Food truck owners generally serve a limited menu, but you can bet they’ve chosen the one or two things that they do better than anyone else in town.

Having only a handful of items on offer ensures that a lot of thought, love and care has gone into crafting each dish. The only downside is that that one dish may not be everyone’s favorite, and a single food truck may not be able to please everyone.

At Fulfilling, we’ve recruited a beautifully diverse crew of food trucks serving eats from around the world so that our clients can pick and choose a combination that everyone will be happy with. Here are a few ideas for some killer combos that will do the trick!

Breakfast Binaries
Trying to get a crowd to be somewhere bright and early? A hot, fresh breakfast from a food truck is a great motivator, but breakfast is a highly personal meal that people have pretty unyielding opinions about. Make sure everyone gets off to a good start by booking two food trucks – one with smoothies and healthy breakfast bowls and another one serving up hearty breakfast burritos or egg sandwiches. Different people have different ways of powering up for the day – no judgement!

Salty And Sweet
When it comes to the afternoon pick-me-up people will drop everything for, there are two camps: salty and sweet. Some people can never say no to an ice cream, but others will always opt for a savory bite. Offer both by hiring an ice cream sandwich truck with a steamed bun truck, or a shaved ice truck with a taco truck.

International Lunch
One of the greatest things about the food truck boom is that people are being exposed to lots of new cuisines. You might not make a reservation at a Hawaiian restaurant if you aren’t familiar with the food, but chances are you’ll check out the menu board on a Hawaiian food truck! Shake up lunchtime by choosing two highly contrasting cuisines. It’s always good to try something new!

4 Tips for Throwing a Great Cinco de Mayo Party

Cinco de Mayo, which falls on the 5th of May in case your Spanish is a bit rusty, commemorates the Mexican army’s shocking victory over French troops on May 5th, 1862.

Though sometimes mistaken for Mexico’s Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo is actually a lesser holiday in Mexico and only holds special significance in the U.S. due to the importance this victory had in our own nation’s political history. These days, most see the holiday as an opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture, heritage, music and food… with a big emphasis on the food!

If you’re looking for a reason to throw a party and celebrate your team, there’s no better spring day than Cinco de Mayo. Mexico is famous for its lively, fun-loving party style, and thanks to the excellent Mexican food now roaming the streets on board food trucks, you can bring the party to your office! Here’s some tips for throwing a Cinco de Mayo fiesta of your own.

1. Food. When people think Cinco de Mayo party, they’re going to think tacos. There’s just no way around it. Luckily, everyone’s favorite taco can easily be found among the excellent taco food trucks that have sprung up across the country. Satisfying, creative, and appropriate for any appetite – perfect!

2. Music. What would Cinco de Mayo be without some festive Mexican tunes? Set up a sound system outside wherever people will be eating, or ask your food truck to pump up the volume on their own sound system. If you want to go all out, consider hiring a mariachi band for the occasion!

3. Dancing. Clear some space for people to shake their hips. If you want to take your party to the next level, you could even hire some dancing instructors to come and help people learn the basics to a few different latin dance styles.

4. Laughter. In the U.S., Cinco de Mayo is a notorious party animal holiday. It’s good to let loose every once in awhile, but if your team has to go back to work after your party, best to keep things a little more tame. Margaritas are still delicious as mocktails, and can actually be super refreshing alongside spicy food.

There you have it. Food + music + dancing + laughter = all the elements you need to host a super fun Cindo de Mayo party. Take the opportunity to teach the team about the history of the holiday – our neighbors to the south have had a beautiful and dynamic influence on our culture, and definitely deserve a celebration!

Incubate USC Startup Feature: Fulfilling Catering

“Fulfilling is revolutionizing how food is consumed in America—for every meal purchased, we donate one meal to someone in need. Operating in every major US Market, Fulfilling books food trucks for private events and schedules trucks at corporate office parks that lack food amenities.”

“After studying entrepreneurship at USC, I spent several years in the food truck industry managing events, attending food truck festivals and sampling various cuisines. While the food truck industry temporarily my palate for an exciting, innovative career, I again grew hungry. Looking to fill this void, I sought to develop a business built on a sense of purpose.

Originally published on Incubate USC. Read the full article here:

Netflix & Chomp: The Definitive Guide to Food Shows and Movies On Netflix

If you’re a foodie or a food truck groupie – first of all, wise choice. More and more people are starting to sit up and pay attention to how they’re feeding themselves, and fresh, real food is on the up and up.

The line-up on Netflix is a great barometer for our current obsession – there are shows covering every aspect of food from the abominations thrown together by horrible amateur cooks to the painstaking precision employed by the world’s finest sushi chef.

We’ve compiled the master list of food-related shows, movies and documentaries that will whet your appetite, inspire you in the kitchen, take you on a culinary journey or just teach you what not to do – bon appetit!


The Great Food Truck Race
Each season, seven food trucks are pitted against each other in cities across the nation in this reality show.

Chef’s Table
Every episode features a different world-renowned chef. Jiro Dreams of Sushi director does it again with this beautifully-shot mini-doc series.

Kitchen Nightmares
Gordon Ramsey takes over in the kitchens of failing restaurants and gives you even more reasons to prefer the light-hearted, free nature of a food truck.

Contestants on this reality show are challenged to create three courses of beautiful, tasty dishes within a strict time limit using bizarre and mismatched ingredients that they’re presented right before the timer begins.

Man vs. Food
Adam Richman cruises around the U.S. to take on the most ridiculous food challenges he can sniff out in his fascinating and kind of repulsive travel show.

No Reservations
A long-running food and travel show hosted by former chef and current luckiest man in the world Anthony Bourdain. Watch as he travels all over the world, eats only the best food, and hangs out with the locals.

The Mind of a Chef
Anthony Bourdain produces and narrates his own series combining food, science, travel and history. Each episode centers around a different chef or aspect of food.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
Andrew takes us around the world to try local specialties that aren’t exactly huge hits in the U.S.

Worst Cooks In America
Competitors battle for the chance to improve their skills under the guidance of a professional chef.

Good Eats
Alton Brown explores the science and technique behind cooking things just the right way.

Cupcake Wars
If you’re into cupcakes, this show is a total treat. Every episode features trays as far as the eye can see, and some serious decorating game.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Guy Fieri did a lot of people a huge favor by mapping out the best places to get your chow on whenever you’re roadtripping across the county.

The Great British Baking Show
A BAFTA award-winning reality show testing every aspect of competitor’s baking skills.

America’s Test Kitchen
Episodes explore the most common mistakes made with popular recipes and offer scientifically tested ways around them. Extremely useful.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi
A documentary about 85-year-old chef Jiro Ono and his relentless quest to perfect the art of sushi out of his tiny, world-famous restaurant in a Tokyo subway station.

A famous chef unwittingly gets involved in a Twitter war with a top food critic and quits his prestigious job in Los Angeles to start a food truck. A great film set in some seriously fun cities with lots of food to feast the eyes on.

Like Water For Chocolate
A woman forbidden from being with the man she loves shows him her feelings through food by literally infusing her cooking with her emotions in this magical realist film based on a Mexican novel.

An intense documentary about the journey of four sommeliers who are attempting to pass the near-impossible Master Sommelier Examination. Not exactly about food, but if your favorite sense is taste, it’s a must-see.

Today’s Special
A sous chef at an haute cuisine Manhattan restaurant quits and finds himself taking over at his father’s Indian restaurant in Queens. Funny and heartwarming.

Kings of Pastry
A thrilling look into the fierce competitive world of French pastry chefs as they compete for the most prestigious award offered in the field.

Haute Cuisine
A comedy based on the true story of how Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch was appointed as the private chef for French President Francois Mitterrand.

I Am Love
A beautiful and delicious tour of the food scene in Taiwan, where food is placed on a pedestal.

Bottle Shock
A 2008 comedy/drama starring Alan Rickman about the 1976 wine competition in which a Californian wine finally vanquished a French bottle in a blind taste test.

Celebrate! 6 Great Excuses to Book a Food Truck

First things first - there’s no bad excuse to book a food truck. Even if you’re not celebrating a holiday or a special occasion, there’s something about food trucks that lends a festive atmosphere to the most mundane of days.

But if you’re looking for a reason, don’t fret! There are national and global holidays for every food from raspberry popovers to frog legs. Don’t get too excited - these aren’t federal holidays, and it’s unlikely that your boss is going to give everyone a day off because it’s National Candied Orange Peel Day (May 4th) or National Seafood Bisque Day (October 19th).

Many of these holidays were dreamed up by a company’s marketing department, lobbied for by an association and decreed as unofficial holidays by a government official. But many of them were created by regular folks who just wanted to honor their favorite food, declared a holiday, and talked about it enough to get it accepted as a fact by the general public.

That’s right - if you have a favorite snack that you don’t think is receiving enough love, all you have to do is generate some buzz on social media and... presto! Pesto Penne Day! As far as we’re concerned, there aren’t enough days in the year to celebrate all of our favorite foods, but here are a few of our favorite holidays that provide the perfect excuse to celebrate with a food truck.

January 16th - International Hot and Spicy Foods Day

Many parts of the world celebrate hot and spicy foods day in and day out - sometimes even for three meals a day! There are no less than 14 cultures with seriously fiery cuisine. For this special day, try out a Southeast Asian, South American or Indian truck, and hold a contest to see who can handle the most heat!

February - National Hot Breakfast Month

Most parts of the U.S. have been chilly for a few months come February, and we appreciate anything that makes those freezing mornings slightly more bearable. Luckily, you’ve got 28 days (or if you’re lucky, 29) to celebrate hot breakfasts with a nice breakfast sandwich or waffle. It’s a great way to get people out of bed and excited about being somewhere on a dark winter morning!

April 23rd - National Picnic Day

For most of us, the end of April means birdsong, flowers, balmy breezes, and eating outside in the sun. No easier way to throw together an impromptu picnic party than by getting a food truck to park next to your favorite park or plaza and laying down a few blankets! You may just want to do it all over again on International Picnic Day, which comes on June 18th.

May 11th - National “Eat What You Want” Day

By May, most of the magazines in the grocery store check-out line are laying down some serious guilt about your “beach body” and how to get fit for the summertime. Relax - it’s important to stay healthy, but any type of body on a beach is technically a beach body! Show yourself some real love by letting go for the day and encouraging everyone to eat what they want with a big array of different food trucks. If you happen to miss it, don’t worry… National “I Love Food” Day rolls around on September 9th.

November 16th - National Fast Food Day

This holiday may have been established to bring business to fast food chains, but we think it’s time to think differently about on-the-go meals. A good food truck can deliver the same convenience and affordability while serving up a much healthier, fresher and more delicious meal.  

November 25th - National “Eat With A Friend” Day

It’s been scientifically proven that it’s healthier to eat with friends - sitting down with a buddy has been shown to increase happiness, help alleviate depression, and establish stronger relationships and connections. Time to celebrate!


Refer a friend and get 5 free meals

Know someone who would use Fulfilling? Tell a friend about us and you’ll both save!

Refer your friend, co-worker, colleague, neighbor -- anyone -- to Fulfilling and have them share your name when booking a food a truck. You will receive 5 free meals next time we work together, and they will get 5 free meals off their first order.

Tell them to visit to get started!

For every meal purchased, Fulfilling donates one meal to someone in need. Donations are derived from the deployment of food trucks to properties and events throughout the US. To date, Fulfilling has donated over 75,000 meals.

Food Trucks Featured on the Food Network

With an increasing number of renowned restaurant chefs discovering the fun and flexibility of food trucks, it's no wonder that these mobile showcases of culinary creativity represent a booming niche in the catering market.

Food truck cuisine has even found its place among the favorable reviews of esteemed publications and is lauded on various Food Network shows. The following handful of food trucks can claim to be "as seen on TV!"

Kogi BBQ

Los Angeles-based Kogi BBQ is known for its budget-friendly Korean BBQ tacos. Its signature short rib taco topped with chili-soy vinaigrette slaw was celebrated on the "Snack Attack" episode of Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." Rounding out the menu are burritos, quesadillas, dogs and sliders, plus a few desserts, including the unique sriracha bar. Kogi BBQ has grown from one truck into a convoy of five, plus two sit-down restaurants.

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs

The elk-jalapeno-cheddar dog at Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs in Denver, Colorado, was featured on the "Street Food" episode of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate," but it's not the only unusual item on the menu. Jim also offers dogs made from buffalo, wild boar, rattlesnake, pheasant and the elusive jack-a-lope. There's an all-beef dog for the unadventurous and herb-filled and spicy versions of a vegan dog. Available toppings are equally awesome, including cola-soaked caramelized onions and harissa-roasted cactus.

Guerrilla Street Food

Guerrilla Street Food in St. Louis, Missouri, was featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," but it's none of those titular venues; it's a gourmet food truck specializing in Filipino street food. Guy Fieri devoured its pancit (pan-fried noodles) and blue crab ceviche, a feast of freshness spiked with chilies, black sesame and papaya pickle served over sliced watermelon. Other favorites include pork adobo and sisig, a pig's head braised for 15 hours.

Cool Haus

At Cool Haus, an ice cream sandwich truck showcased on "Eat St.," customers delight in seasonally changing combinations of cookies and ice creams. Sweet classics like snickerdoodle and oatmeal-raisin cookies are joined by such sophisticated flavors as salted caramel macarons and avocado sea-salt ice cream. Inventions like fried chicken and waffles ice cream are a celebration of savory-meets-sweet. Cool Haus started in Southern California, and now has a fleet of 10 trucks and carts in Cali, NYC and Dallas, plus two storefronts.

Fulfilling Catering makes it easy for you to bring the best food trucks from across the nation to your event. The service comes with an amazing incentive: As well as feeding your hungry hoards, you help to feed the hungry in your community because, for every purchased meal, Fulfilling Catering donates the equivalent of one meal to a local food bank.

The Best Food Truck Designs You've Ever Seen

In an industry rapidly increasing, food trucks need to work harder and harder to stand out. To make sure they're seen and not forgotten, some trucks are getting cute, creative and just plain crazy.

Whether they're opting for unique logos, glittering exteriors or goofy shapes, food trucks are half about the food and half about the vehicle. Here are some examples of the best art on food trucks across the country.

Del Popolo, San Francisco

Del Popolo sells brick oven pizzas, right from their truck, which means the oven itself is directly inside — and they want their customers to know it. The glass windows and open design of the vehicle lets you see right into the stove and stacks of chopped wood. Talk about a clever look!

The Fry Guy, Atlanta

The Fry Guy embraces some of the most intriguing design on the food truck market. Characterized by its bright blue color and unique illustration of a guy in a baseball hat carrying a cone of fries, this food truck is basically art on wheels. The Fry Guy serves every kind of fry from Bangkok-themed ones to Parmesan truffle fries, making a statement with its food that is as clever as the art on its truck.

Maximus Minimus, Seattle

Get ready for the flying pig. Maximus Minimus serves sandwiches out of the porkiest vehicle you've ever seen. Designed to look like a rolling, steel pig, the truck was created out of an old, retired school bus. Its main dish? Pork sandwiches, which play perfectly into its theme.

Sweetery, New York City

Bright blue and covered in food-related words printed in all directions, the Sweetery food truck is a sight hard to miss. Its bold, scrambled brown words spell things like "sweet," "taste" and "fabulous." With a seasonal menu that's all organic, the food doesn't disappoint either.

Company 77, Irvine

This unique food truck was once a fire truck. It still holds the bright red traditional look of your everyday fire truck, but it serves stone cooked pizza. Company 77 has certainly nailed the wow factor with their one-of-a-kind restaurant on wheels.