What’s the name of your truck & where are you based? 
Blue City Food, from Fairfax County/ Northern VA

How do you like to describe your food?
Tasty Indian eats, made fresh and served with love.

What do you like most about owning a food truck? 
I love the flexibility and freedom to design my menu based on location, event, season…even on a day to day basis. There is constant change, mobility and opportunity to try new things, tweak and improve. Also, I like the ability to help my community and give back in my own small but meaningful way.



What’s your favorite dish?
Savory Street-style Loaded Samosa “Chaat”

What inspires your menu?
Our daily food truck menu is inspired by the awesomely delicious street foods of India. Take a bite of a savory samosa or my mom’s famous crusty kachori and you’ll experience an explosion of flavors on your tongue that is impossible to describe in words. At Blue City, we like change. We like to experiment. We like to bring different dishes to you based on season, event, venue, and quite honestly, chef’s whim”.

Do you have an overall mission / philosophy?
When we seek change, we are often presented with new and interesting choices. These choices help us grow, learn and open our minds to new possibilities. In every arena of our lives, we are presented with these wonderful opportunities…especially FOOD. In fact, one of the most personal choices we make on a daily basis is: “What shall I eat?”  Fortunately, in the vibrant, multi-cultural Washington DC metro area, there are a myriad possible answers to this simple yet important question. Aren’t we fortunate to live in these interesting times? Indeed, Blue City was founded on a deep belief that diversity and togetherness go hand in hand. When we’re willing to open up our minds to new experiences, we have a better chance of embracing our differences and thriving as people”.