The POKE HUT: Bringin' Hawaiian Style Poke to SoCal - Fulfilling Catering
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The POKE HUT: Bringin’ Hawaiian Style Poke to SoCal

The POKE HUT: Bringin’ Hawaiian Style Poke to SoCal

This is POKE HUT… Hawaiian-style poke, premium sushi grade fish, fried rice & creative Hawaiian-influenced dishes… based in Orange County, CA

How do you like to describe your food?

– Fresh. Simple. Flavor Bomb

What inspired you to start a food truck? 

– Both my parents came to this country and started their own businesses to support me and my sister. I grew up knowing that I wanted to be my own boss. After I was laid off by a Top 10 Global Conglomerate because our division wasn’t making enough billions for them which left a sour taste in my mouth. I decided then I was going to take a chance on myself and followed my heart.


What’s your favorite dish?

– New (off-menu) Secret Signature Rice

Do you have a food truck you’d recommend (other than your own)?

– Chubbee Monkee

Do you have a favorite location? 

– Blizzard Entertainment stands out. My lines are always wrapping around the buildings when I go there

What do you enjoy most about food truck life? 

– I just loving going out and meeting new people no matter when and where. I love the fact that I can always count on a few random people coming back up to the truck just to tell me how good my food is.

For awesome Hawaiian-style poke, premium sushi grade fish, fried rice, and other Hawaiian-influenced dishes…


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