Peaches Smokehouse: Classic Southern Dishes from Scratch

This is Peaches Smokehouse and Southern Kitchen, an L.A. food truck servin’ up slow-smoked BBQ & classic Southern dishes made from scratch with good, honest ingredients.

Our food can best be described as…
– Slow-smoked barbecue and Southern fare made with fresh ingredients

Our favorite menu item is…
– The Fried Chicken Sandwich

We were inspired to starting food trucking when…
– We won the food truck on Food Truck Face Off (now on Food Network)

A favorite food truck we recommend is…
– King Kone (ice cream)

A favorite recent memory t is…
– Serving Adele’s son’s birthday party in Beverly Hills in 2017.

Owning a food truck is fun because…
– Every day is different!

For delicious Southern BBQ, one of our most requested trucks in the LA area who always delivers… look no further than PEACHES SMOKEHOUSE!

Blue City Food: Live Fully, Eat Tastefully.

What’s the name of your truck & where are you based? 
Blue City Food, from Fairfax County/ Northern VA

How do you like to describe your food?
Tasty Indian eats, made fresh and served with love.

What do you like most about owning a food truck? 
I love the flexibility and freedom to design my menu based on location, event, season…even on a day to day basis. There is constant change, mobility and opportunity to try new things, tweak and improve. Also, I like the ability to help my community and give back in my own small but meaningful way.



What’s your favorite dish?
Savory Street-style Loaded Samosa “Chaat”

What inspires your menu?
Our daily food truck menu is inspired by the awesomely delicious street foods of India. Take a bite of a savory samosa or my mom’s famous crusty kachori and you’ll experience an explosion of flavors on your tongue that is impossible to describe in words. At Blue City, we like change. We like to experiment. We like to bring different dishes to you based on season, event, venue, and quite honestly, chef’s whim”.

Do you have an overall mission / philosophy?
When we seek change, we are often presented with new and interesting choices. These choices help us grow, learn and open our minds to new possibilities. In every arena of our lives, we are presented with these wonderful opportunities…especially FOOD. In fact, one of the most personal choices we make on a daily basis is: “What shall I eat?”  Fortunately, in the vibrant, multi-cultural Washington DC metro area, there are a myriad possible answers to this simple yet important question. Aren’t we fortunate to live in these interesting times? Indeed, Blue City was founded on a deep belief that diversity and togetherness go hand in hand. When we’re willing to open up our minds to new experiences, we have a better chance of embracing our differences and thriving as people”.


The POKE HUT: Bringin' Hawaiian Style Poke to SoCal

This is POKE HUT… Hawaiian-style poke, premium sushi grade fish, fried rice & creative Hawaiian-influenced dishes… based in Orange County, CA

How do you like to describe your food?
– Fresh. Simple. Flavor Bomb

What inspired you to start a food truck?
– Both my parents came to this country and started their own businesses to support me and my sister. I grew up knowing that I wanted to be my own boss. After I was laid off by a Top 10 Global Conglomerate because our division wasn’t making enough billions for them which left a sour taste in my mouth. I decided then I was going to take a chance on myself and followed my heart.


What’s your favorite dish?
– New (off-menu) Secret Signature Rice

Do you have a food truck you’d recommend (other than your own)?
– Chubbee Monkee

Do you have a favorite location? 
– Blizzard Entertainment stands out. My lines are always wrapping around the buildings when I go there

What do you enjoy most about food truck life? 
– I just loving going out and meeting new people no matter when and where. I love the fact that I can always count on a few random people coming back up to the truck just to tell me how good my food is.

For awesome Hawaiian-style poke, premium sushi grade fish, fried rice, and other Hawaiian-influenced dishes…


Simply Fresh - San Diego's Freshest Sandwiches

What’s the name of your truck & where are you based? 
Simply Fresh, based in San Diego, CA

What inspired you to start a food truck?

As a culinary graduate, I moved to California and was blown away by the year round fresh bounty of produce that is available here. With this as is my initial inspiration, I then created a menu centered around my favorite dish: The Sandwich! When executed correctly, I’ve learned that in California Cuisine, you can create food that is both delicious AND nutritious. Those California inspired items can now be found on the Simply Fresh Menu!



How do you like to describe your food?
A California Inspired Delicatessen

What’s your favorite dish?
The Chicken Parm Panini

Do you have a food truck you’d recommend (other than your own)?
God Save the Cuisine

Do you have a favorite location?
Last summer we catered a party at a private house in La Jolla. We showed up and were directed to park next to a stage the backyard that overlooked the ocean from a cliff. Turns out the band The Head and The Heart was performing and we were there to feed the band, plus all the guests in attendance… This truck takes us to very cool places!

What do you enjoy most about owning a food truck? 
The freedom. The ability to go wherever you want to go. Cook whatever you want to cook. To open and close whenever you’d like. Its as American as entrepreneurship gets!  Also, we enjoy working alongside great people with the same plan everyday: to make customers happy!


For the best grilled sandwiches & wraps + uniquely crafted salads & homemade soups in San Diego… hit up SIMPLY FRESH: