Smart property managers at large office complexes are now developing areas to accommodate the wagon-loads of interesting food that can be literally “trucked in” daily.


It’s official!

Variety really is the spice of life, according to two researchers from the prestigious Harvard Business School. Bradley R. Staats and Francesca Gino have statistically proven worker productivity and employee retention is improved when a diversity of worker activities is available to business personnel.

So if you are a wily office boss keen to hold onto your employees for longer periods and increase productivity – “mixing it up” is key to staff happiness.

Environment plays a big part too. Nothing screams office boredom quite as loudly as the soulless beige facades of the stolid 90’s corporate office block. But with the influx of the “untethered Millennials” into the workforce, who are able to roam and work simultaneously with their mobile devices, that so-last-century look of the corporate real estate world is changing. And fast.

With mega successful startups like WeWork  – a new platform for office sharing – grabbing our attention and gaining traction across the flexible landscape of the social media-driven world, corporations are trying harder to create an atmosphere of fluidity between work and leisure, work and home, work and community. Because almost everything we do nowadays is mobile and mutable.  Including our dining habits.

Enter the fantastically fun food truck. With a seemingly infinite diversity of what is available to eat from these providers of meals on wheels, no one need suffer from a lack of variety in their workday again.

One of the largest real estate companies in the world, Invesco, has recently collaborated with some of the world’s best architects to create a new workspace community ten minutes from LAX.  The brains behind Apollo at Rosecrans have recognized that the new models of success in corporate real estate have the flexibility to accommodate a new kind of workforce – whose changing lifestyles are reflected in their ability to cross the work-play divide.

The Apollo has dedicated much of its outdoor space to promoting the convenience of having public recreational areas that accommodate tenant needs, from a dog park, to an outdoor fireplace and a place for food trucks “to dock” so workers can refuel.

People today are more conscious of the time they spend at work and how this affects their general happiness; people are receptive to anything new, fun and engaging that can make their work life more enjoyable.

For our increasingly culturally diverse workforce – from the iPad-wielding Millennials to the driven corporate veteran – food trucks can help the variety that will keep their work lives spicy for at least a number of years to come.