On the heels of the food truck explosion here during the early 2000s, craft breweries are the next big thing sweeping the nation. Those with a passion for freshly fermented beverages have a fair chance at making it a business, and folks… business is a’ boomin.

There are now more than 3,500 breweries in America—the overwhelming majority of which are small craft or microbreweries—with hundreds more in development. The demand for original new craft concoctions is huge, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily an easy task to meet it.

Opening a new brewery and tasting room is a big investment. The equipment alone can cost upwards of a million, depending on how big you plan to get and the volume you plan to produce. Throw in the facility costs, fresh local ingredients, staff, insurance, government permits—we’re talking serious money here.

But what about food, how does that factor into the planning process?

Well, if your eyes were starting to get big over just the beer-making budget, you can double those costs for a brewery equipped to serve food items fresh from the kitchen. That’s why we’re seeing so many craft breweries pop up without true food capabilities, because it would require an exponentially greater investment.

The simplest solution many of these local watering holes have found is to pair up with food trucks in order to meet the needs of their thirsty (and oftentimes, hungry) patrons. It enables breweries to provide the freshest fermented beverages, along with original fare prepared right outside the parking lot.

On a much larger scale, you’ll notice the same duo at Brewfest events all across the country. It’s commonplace nowadays to see beer tents and food trucks intermingled at any annual beer extravaganza. Craft brews and fresh food is a union truly worth celebrating, and food trucks make it all possible.

That’s the beauty of their business model… it’s mobile! The full-service, fully stocked kitchen can come to you for the utmost in convenience without all the hassle or overhead. It’s a way for businesses to cater to large crowds with extremely low commitment, whether fresh food is needed for a one-time event or regularly scheduled service.

So really, breweries are just the beginning. Food trucks are quite ideal for everything from company picnics or other corporate events, to large reunions, concerts, or festivals.

The point is, don’t just settle for pre-prepared party trays or snack foods. Give the people what they really want… and bring the kitchen to the crowd. Food trucks can make any destination a delicious one!