Parents: your grad is on the go. They don’t have time between finals and the final walk to worry about catering for their big send off! You want to look back on this time with fond memories, and not recall the stressful time you had coordinating catering in a college town. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s trendy.  Food Truck Catering will have your grad saying #thankyoumomanddad.

Grads: Don’t know where to begin? Follow our food truck cheat sheet (your taste buds will be glad you did).


Cousins Maine Lobster (San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas): All those years hitting the books deserves a special reward. Their mouthwatering Maine Lobster Roll, served on a fresh New England roll, will be the highlight of the night. Have you seen pictures of their lobster tacos or lobster quesadillas?! So good, you’ll wish you can have a graduation party every day!


Border Grill Food Truck (Los Angeles): Choosing a major? That was easy. Choosing whether to get carnitas, chicken, steak, Baja fish, or sweet potato black bean is the hard part.  With this many options, this L.A. staple will even bring certain collegial cross-town rivals together.  Still trying to lose the freshman-15? They also serve up a killer salad bowl, not to mention they have several gluten-free and organic options.


BBQ Kalbi (San Jose): Enroll in Foodie 101 with this Korean BBQ and Mexican fusion food truck! This adventure for your mouth will have your guests saying, “Wow! What is that?!” Spicy Korean BBQ Chicken Tacos? Check! Kimchi Quesadilla? Check! Daejee nachos? Check! Follow these party pointers, and you’ll ace the night!


POP QUIZ: Can you name the best catering choice for your graduation party? Food Truck Catering is correct! Book your food truck today!