With over 82 million #foodporn posts on Instagram,it can be tricky for food trucks to be heard through the noise. But taking epic pics of your best dishes is simple with a few easy tricks. Here’s what you need to know to grab users’ attention and rake in those likes.

Think Vertical or Square
Because Instagram is mostly a mobile app, the majority of its users view photos on their phones. The shape of a phone screens means that vertical pictures, a fairy new development in the Instagram world, that take up the entire screen of the phone stand out the most because they appear the biggest. The next largest shape is the classic square ‘gram, which is also a good go-to. The one shape to avoid, no matter how many dishes you’re trying to fit in a long line, is the horizontal shot, which is always surrounded by white space and made very tiny on Instagram.

Go Symmetrical — or Break All the Rules
There’s nothing like that ideal crop that centers around your perfectly round cupcake, but unless you’ve got a flawless symmetrical frame, consider getting a little artsy to catch followers’ eyes. If you have a taco on a picnic table, try cropping the taco in one of the corners and filling most of the frame with the table to create a more interesting picture.

Easy on the Filters
When photographing food, you want to go realistic. People don’t want to eat meat that’s tinted blue or a rustic looking vegetable. Keep it simple when it comes to filters and pics of your food truck fare. That said, it never hurts to up the brightness a bit to add richer colors to your plates.

Go Crazy with the Hashtags
Sure, you’ve probably already got #foodporn down, but don’t be afraid to use more hashtags in your captions. Studies show that including 11 hashtags gives you the best chance of finding new followers and new Instagram love. So go wild with your hashtags, as long as they stay relevant to your brand.

The Final Rule: Have Fun
Standing out on Instagram can take a bit of learning, but there’s no sense in staying serious while you do it. Play with your account and get creative. Incorporate goofy chefs as models, photograph gigantic stacks of food, get a little punny when you can. Remember, Instagram is a fun tool, so have fun with it.