It’s February, and you know what that means—there are sweets, treats, and hearts everywhere. So get out there and treat yourself (or your sweetheart)! Whether it’s a romantic date night or a fun night for the whole family or a catered lunch at the office,  these three dessert trucks have got you covered.

B Sweet — B Sweet is famous for their delicious hot bread pudding; with the added bonus of 40+ flavors. They also offer authentic Filipino desserts, too! Yum! The truck’s founder, Chef Barb, is Filipino, so you know they’re good. Their baked goods are made daily,  and there are new treats added to the menu each week—fun! They’re open late (for those late-night dessert runs) and they serve coffee. Post-dinner espresso, anyone? Looking for a good date-night idea? You just found one.

King Kone —  Do you have a sweet tooth that you just can’t kick? Craving something that tastes like childhood? King Kone has got you covered.They offer all of the classics—banana splits, root beer floats, milkshakes, and good, old-fashioned waffle cones. Our childhood dreams have come true. King Kone is the ultimate old school ice cream experience. If ever there was a time to scream for ice cream, it’d be now.

Hannah’s Bananas — Wait, bananas for my sweet tooth? Oh, the places your taste buds will go with Hannah’s Bananas, which offers gourmet chocolate dipped bananas with a variety of scrumptious toppings. Rainbow sprinkles, anyone? This truck is the perfect sweet treat for the whole family—and the kids won’t even know they’re eating fruit. There’s also a wide variety of catering options as well as pre-packaged items for order. They also offer custom cakes—the pictures alone will make you hungry. Warning: consuming Hannah’s Bananas might forever stop you from eating regular bananas—these just can’t be beat.


Give into the season of sweets and treat yourself. Whether it be an old-school dessert from King Kone or a bread pudding date at B sweet, enjoy!