Fact: Nutrition encompasses healthy eating practices and important physical activity needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The theme, as picked by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, utilizes this idea via their play on words: “Put Your Best Fork Forward.” They took the time-old saying, “put your best foot forward,” and substituted “foot” with “fork” to say two things at once.

One: it is telling you to start, literally, putting your fork into something healthier than a cheeseburger and fries (although it is delicious).

Two: it is reminding you that nutrition is complemented best with physical movement. So, move those twinkly toes of yours to go find that healthy option you can dig your fork into without any sense of guilt.

Remember that cheeseburger that was mentioned, why not make it a killer Portobello burger on a multigrain bun with tons of veggies and some sweet potato fries? Same idea, but a healthier version – and still delicious. Don’t like mushrooms? Make it a veggie patty or ahi tuna burger. You have plenty of healthy options to make your nutrition choices from. Ones that you will enjoy eating.

So, now what? You’ve tried putting your best fork forward, but dang, does it cost a pretty penny to eat healthy sometimes! What can you do about improving your nutrition without breaking your bank account? Two words: Food Trucks.

Food trucks offer a wide variety of healthy options, but AmazeBowls is one of Food Truck Catering’s favorite healthy option trucks. It’s based in LA and offers amazing superfoods made into something delicious and familiar using non-dairy, raw ingredients. You can also check out Farmer’s Belly, also in LA, to explore another deliciously healthy option food truck.

Food trucks offer healthy food options, at an affordable price and gives you the awesome opportunity to take an adventure on foot to your desired truck(s) for some exercise. Now, that’s a triple threat.