Buqqa Gourmet Food Truck

The Buqqa Gourmet Food Truck prides itself on serving quality ingredients to the greater Orange County region. In the interest of guarding their unique Buqqa taste and quality, they use only the freshest locally sourced proteins and produce and do not use processed or frozen products in any of our food preparations. They also conduct routine inspections and use strict quality control measures within their own facility and suppliers to ensure that production is carried out with the best practices possible to deliver optimum quality every time.


In terms of what is offered, they have a large selection of meats to choose from and all of their Veal, Lamb, Angus and Beef are specially selected from the most valuable and tender cuts. All of those cuts are then marinated for 18 hours in a temperature controlled environment prior to preparation. Due to this truck’s passion for perfection, they guarantee to serve only the tastiest Köfte (Regular and Cheesy Meatballs) , Döner (Gyro), Beef Sausage (Sujuk), and Shish Kebab!

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