At the Fishlips Sushi Food Truck, located in the heart of Los Angeles, all of the staff have experienced eating great sushi for over 2o years! This delicious truck aims to serve Japanese traditional bowls, too, in order to accompany their large variety of tasty sushi options! Rather than being just any other random sushi restaurant, Fishlips is positive that all of its menu options are authentic Japanese foods that are eaten daily in Japan and are viewed as a part of standard Japanese culture. Come experience genuine Japanese food and you will surely leave happy.

Fishlips Sushi Food Truck

Have you ever tasted a food and felt yourself transported in time and space to the old country where life was simpler? A flavor of home. A flavor of comfort. The Waffle Amore food truck creates its waffles using the finest, freshest ingredients, all from scratch. They sprinkle tons of pure passion into their food and their love of feeding people into every dish they serve. In terms of events, this truck caters! The owners ensure that you will discover a unique and delicious experience when you choose Waffle Amore to help run your next event- and you will certainly be thrilled.

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