Main Squeeze Food Truck

The Main Squeeze Food Truck is roaming the streets of Los Angeles and serving incredibly satisfying lemonade to all. Craving  fresh squeezed lemonade, on a typical January day in Southern California (and unable to find a decent product), co-founder Michelle Ramkissoon, had the idea of selling fresh lemonade herself on the Venice Beach boardwalk. However, Michelle and partner/co-founder of Main Squeeze Lemonade, Carl Silva, quickly found that selling food and drinks on the boardwalk, is not permitted. Still, they believed there was a market for such a product. They began discussing the reality of creating a product that could be as refreshing, natural, lightly and healthily sweetened as the lemonade their southern blood craved. They turned straight to the booming food truck industry and began planning. Since then, they haven’t looked back and serve a refreshing product that is sure to impress.

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