Monsieur Madame Food Truck

The Monsieur Madame food truck offers a menu that is deeply rooted within French Gastronomy with a certain idea of an artisan food. While high end French Gastronomy for plutocrats is very well represented abroad, they believe the artisan; the street food and le petit commerce are not. Thus, they are bringing their craft to the streets of Orange County. France and French Gastronomy is also defined by its artisans, its Charcuteries, its Fromageries, its markets and last but not least, its Boulangeries Patisseries. It was only logic they chose a Bistro Classic, the Croque Monsieur to become the ambassador of street French Gastro, a different angle to the French art de vivre. Le Croque Monsieur can be cooked in so many ways, from the kid’s classic straight from the sandwich maker to a chef recipe or your grandma French toast Croque.

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