The Slummin Gourmet

The Slummin Gourmet Food Truck is a modern bistro fare reinterpreted for the streets of Los Angeles. Sometimes, you’re just hungry for good food. Like, interesting snooty-tooty, fancy-pants food, but you’re so down to earth you’re above snooty-tooty, and at the moment you just don’t want to put on your fancy pants (they’re being pressed). So where’s the in-between? Upscale doesn’t have to mean uppity, says chef tony, so what does he do? He proves it, in his black coat and black truck, withthe slummin’ gourmet. From his ever-popular walnut shrimp tacos to his kobe beef sliders, chef tony and crew crank out some of the tastiest, classiest culinary fare ever to come off a food truck. Just don’t ask for silverware (you’ll get plastic). While the die-hards eschew utencils, newbies take heed:  it’s okay to eat with your hands — we’ve got napkins.

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