Happy Cinco de Mayo America! It’s time to party…preferably with tequila and tacos. Food Truck Catering can’t give you the tequila (unless you want to invite us to your party); however, we can provide the tacos. Tacos and much, much more.

Cinco de Mayo is meant to be a good time with good people and good food. Stuck on celebration or party ideas? Cater some Mexican food to wherever you want and satiate your tastebuds. There’s A LOT of food trucks roaming the streets these days, so let Food Truck Catering give you a couple suggestions:  

Pinch of Flavor (LA)

Located in the city of angels and good mexican cuisine, Pinch of Flavor, literally, has the best fries in the whole city! Smothered in monterey jack cheese with carne asada for days, their fries will blow your mind and, also, maybe (probably) put you in a food coma. So let’s just say plan to eat those bad boys when you’re staying put; or better yet, when you’ve had a few shots of tequila and are craving something greasy and filled with goodness. They also serve a killer taco trio and an amazing fish n’ chips. Even fish-haters are fighting for a taste of those!

Fiesta Gourmet (OC)

Not far from the border, Orange County’s Fiesta Gourmet food truck is another big winner for Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Again, (and as it should be) their tacos steal the show — a definite must try; but not far from the star of the show are rice bowls, nachos, quesadillas, and, oh yeah, some loaded fries. Don’t stop at their food, they’ve got horchata so good you’ll be saying ¡Delicioso! They’ve got flavor bombs for days and are ready to conquer your hunger and give you one hell of a time!

This Cinco de Mayo book Food Truck Catering to handle all the heavy lifting — all you have to do is choose the truck and enjoy! Still have questions? Email us at events@foodtruckcatering.com or call (323) 609-8217 and speak with a food-truckie specialist today!