In an industry rapidly increasing, food trucks need to work harder and harder to stand out. To make sure they’re seen and not forgotten, some trucks are getting cute, creative and just plain crazy.

Whether they’re opting for unique logos, glittering exteriors or goofy shapes, food trucks are half about the food and half about the vehicle. Here are some examples of the best art on food trucks across the country.

Del Popolo, San Francisco

Del Popolo sells brick oven pizzas, right from their truck, which means the oven itself is directly inside — and they want their customers to know it. The glass windows and open design of the vehicle lets you see right into the stove and stacks of chopped wood. Talk about a clever look!

The Fry Guy, Atlanta

The Fry Guy embraces some of the most intriguing design on the food truck market. Characterized by its bright blue color and unique illustration of a guy in a baseball hat carrying a cone of fries, this food truck is basically art on wheels. The Fry Guy serves every kind of fry from Bangkok-themed ones to Parmesan truffle fries, making a statement with its food that is as clever as the art on its truck.

Maximus Minimus, Seattle

Get ready for the flying pig. Maximus Minimus serves sandwiches out of the porkiest vehicle you’ve ever seen. Designed to look like a rolling, steel pig, the truck was created out of an old, retired school bus. Its main dish? Pork sandwiches, which play perfectly into its theme.

Sweetery, New York City

Bright blue and covered in food-related words printed in all directions, the Sweetery food truck is a sight hard to miss. Its bold, scrambled brown words spell things like “sweet,” “taste” and “fabulous.” With a seasonal menu that’s all organic, the food doesn’t disappoint either.

Company 77, Irvine

This unique food truck was once a fire truck. It still holds the bright red traditional look of your everyday fire truck, but it serves stone cooked pizza. Company 77 has certainly nailed the wow factor with their one-of-a-kind restaurant on wheels.