Buckle up and get ready to salivate, because this week Food Truck Catering is breaking down the Founder’s Favorite Food Trucks for March.

Salt+Lime, based in San Diego, is a truck serving up absolutely delicious and authentic Mexican food dishes. They serve everything you’d hope a Mexican food truck would…and then some. They’ve got tacos, tostadas, burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches and sides (including french fries, well, because, french fries). Their chef, Julio Rodriguez, is known for creating unique sauces that will transform your culinary expectations of Mexican cuisine for good. Come and enjoy something from Salt+Lime today!

Peaches’ Smokehouse, a Los Angeles based food truck, is serving up some seriously good Southern food. Peaches’ specializes in slow-smoked BBQ and classic southern dishes. They take pride in making delicious food and serve dishes made entirely from scratch, using only the freshest market ingredients and humanely raised meat. Some of their mouth-watering sandwich options include: the classic pulled pork sandwich; a smoked chicken sandwich; the country-fried steak sandwich; and a fried chicken sandwich. They also serve burgers, classic Southern BBQ sides, and even vegetarian options (upon request). And let’s not leave out the BBQ fries, “aka Redneck Nachos,” which are criss-cut fries, pulled pork, BBQ sauce and seasoned sour cream. You absolutely need to carve out some time to stop by Peaches’ Smokehouse to have yourself a Southern-based, tastebud extravaganza.

Wokker Tx Ranger is all about creating something new, creative and absolutely delicious. Based in Houston, Wokker Tx Ranger offers its city a new way to experience Texas BBQ. They take good ‘ol Texan BBQ and infuse it with traditional Asian cooking tastes and techniques. They would be the perfect addition to a birthday party, office gathering, a housewarming…you name it. Book them today through Food Truck Catering!

So, there you have it foodies, the founder’s favorite March trucks. Out of all the hundreds of trucks Food Truck Catering has available for booking these are the top three. Book one of them today, or visit their website to see when and where their truck will pop up next.