When you’re working to coordinate a corporate event or something else that requires catering, it’s helpful to know the difference among food trucks, food carts and food trailers. While each type provides mobile food vending, becoming familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each will help you make a catering decision.

Food Trucks
Food trucks are clean, convenient and capable of serving a wide variety of delicious food at a single event. Whether you want gourmet cuisine or traditional Southern food, you get it. You can have fresh food prepared right at your event as well, or opt for catered sandwiches prepared in advance. There’s no question that you get lots of choices with food trucks. In addition, with companies such as Fulfilling, you also help less fortunate folks get a meal; this company donates the equivalent of one meal to a food bank for every meal purchased through one of its food trucks.

With food trucks, you can also set up a dining schedule for your company, whether it is on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Always check that the food trucks you are considering are licensed and have the appropriate permits and insurance coverage.

Food Carts
Food carts are a good option for smaller events, as they cannot feed as many people as a food truck can. They are push carts and are not as mobile-friendly since they need to be attached to a vehicle to be towed places. They do require less space, which could be helpful if your event is in a tiny venue. However, along with the smaller space comes the fact that food carts cannot serve as wide a range of cuisine as food trucks can. Food carts also lack kitchens, so check with your locality’s requirements about preparation. Some places mandate that the food for food carts must be prepackaged.

Food Trailers
Food trailers are the middle ground between food carts and food trucks. You can’t drive food trailers like you can food trucks, but you’re able to hitch them to a vehicle and tow them where they need to go. Food trailers also tend to be substantial enough to have a kitchen akin to one you would find in a food truck.

Whether a food truck, food cart or food trailer is best for your catering event largely depends on the variety of cuisine you want to serve, how fresh it needs to be and how many people are attending the event. Each type of mobile catering service definitely has its own place.